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/ Deliver House Key To Mr. Zahari – Paya Jaras

Deliver House Key To Mr. Zahari – Paya Jaras

Once again the ZYQ team has successfully completed the house that has been requested by the customer, this house is a ternary design for 2017 and Mr. Zahari is our customer who selects this house with this design.

Located in Paya Jaras, Sg Buloh, this house has 3 rooms 2 bathrooms with a total area of 1006sqft. The latest price for this house is Bermuda RM110K +++

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ZYQ ENGINEERING SDN BHD has been operated since 2014 to help people to get their affordable dream houses.

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ZYQ Enginering Sdn Bhd

Established in 2012, ZYQ Engineering Sdn Bhd started as a CONSTRUCTION company with a focus on individual middle-class clientele.

Located in Selangor, Malaysia, our client base grows to include private institutions, such as education centres and dormitory buildings.

During the rapid growth, research about the construction techniques was done to find innovative solutions to reduce housing prices. 

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