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/ Code 12 House Has Been Ready

Code 12 House Has Been Ready

This house belongs to Puan Azimah located in Jenjarom Kuala Langat, Selangor. He is one of the earliest customers of ZYQ who has chosen this design as it was launched in 2016. The house has long been completed, but has recently been shared by AQ admin.

Home prices are included with 2 color choices, free of choice by customers at no extra cost. The preferred color chosen by Mrs Azimah has attracted other customers at ZYQ to opt for this design.

In fact, there are customers in 2017 wanting home design with the same color as in Mrs. Azimah’s home.

The price for the 12th house code in 2018 starts around RM100K + for a total area of ​​910 square feet. At ZYQ ready-made home package includes 2’x2 ’tile for the entire house and 1’x1′ for the toilet.

The house with a total area of ​​910 sqft is very suitable for a 3 room house 2 bathrooms. For indoor space, Mrs. Azimah has made an extra cost for the choice of paint color. This is because the ZYQ home ready package is only for white color for indoor space and 2 color choices for outer wall.

Alhamdulilah, finally this house has been handed over to the owner of the body. Mrs. Azimah has also shared her opinions on ZYQ’s work that we will share in the next post.

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